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we just found out the gender this past week, so it has made it so much more real for me. i want to start documenting my journey to look back on & share with others, so now felt like the right time to share our news. we didn’t want to do an elaborate gender reveal, like we did with atlas, here…things are just different with your second baby since you’re just busier in general. but here’s the story, if you’re interested to read…

i found out i was pregnant by taking a pregnancy test the morning of thursday, january 16th, the day before my brother ben was coming in town to visit from new york. i remember a few weeks prior to that morning i was feeling so nauseous every single morning and just overall sick but i just thought i was coming down with something because i did not suspect being pregnant AT ALL! i took two tests because i literally could not believe it said “positive.” i mean, we weren’t not trying to get pregnant, but i had also just gotten my period back like 2 months prior so i was just shocked it happened so quickly i think. anyways, i immediately freaked out & called dek at work to tell him and he ended up coming home around lunchtime to be with me because i just felt overwhelmed.

the next morning i was supposed to pick up my brother from the airport at like 7:30 am & was literally hovered over the trash can so nauseous so thankfully dekel was off work that day & went to get him because i would have had to take a barf bag in the car with me (ew!). that weekend & the week following was probably my worst in terms of feeling sick, i couldn’t eat anything but yet was so weak and hungry- i only got down chicken noodle soup broth and crackers and tiny pieces like fruit. the nausea came in waves as did my energy and it just sucked it had to hit me so hard while my brother was in town, but we still were able to hang out and do fun things…and i got to tell him in person that he was going to be an uncle again!

i am now 14 weeks & 4 days pregnant with my due date being august 25th. virgo baby on the way! i have energy back & am feeling overall really good. i have a ravenous appetite that is insatiable, so i basically snack all damn day. trying to snack healthier though with apples & peanut butter, carrots & ranch, yogurt, etc. VS chips, candy & carbs that i was craving before. i literally lived off chick ‘fil a chicken minis for a whole month it felt like.

i was honestly really upset that i was having another boy, i really wanted a girl and since we think we only want two kids, i had to come to terms with the fact that i will never be a “girl mom.” i know this is selfish & i should be thankful to even be pregnant and be having a healthy baby, but gender disappointment is something i really felt and had to cope with for a day or two before actually becoming excited. i’m happy to expand our family and give atlas a brother. i’m thankful to be a #boymom and to see what baby #2 brings! wish us luck!


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