raising a toddler while pregnant during the pandemic

i was originally going to make this post dedicated to atlas’s one & a half year update (i did a one year update here) but i’m also 29 weeks pregnant today with baby boy #2 so i figured i would just talk about life updates & raising a toddler while pregnant during the pandemic that is coronavirus (covid 19)!

atlas is now 20 months old so he’s officially a toddler & acting like it! we see so much emotion & attitude from him, he does things to get our attention & test us alllll the time. he’s a crazy little guy! follow along on his instagram for more frequent updates, but here’s a glimpse of our daily schedule & how its shifted since the pandemic began:

6:30-7:00 am:

atlas wakes up & dek will prepare an 8 oz. bottle of milk to wake him up with while he changes him and gets him dressed for the day. since dek is working from home due to coronavirus and social distancing at his workplace, he lets me sleep until around 7:30. when i get up i’ll make the bed, get dressed & wash my face and moisturize with this amazing stuff.

7:30-8:00 am:

breakfast! we either put him in his highchair and let him feed himself fruit and yogurt or he will share my protein shake with me while we sit on the floor or read books on the couch. he’s so chatty and babbly lately, too! he’ll even pick up the phone for morning convos with “gigi and mimi” which are nicknames for my mom and sister.

9 am:

i try to get out of the house every day at this time social-distance style, whether it’s walking to the park to let atlas run around in the fields (we love days when the park crew is there mowing the lawn!) or we head to a playground so he can climb and explore. on days where i just need to let him outside we’re lucky to have a backyard for him to play in so i can sit there and be with him but also relax for a minute because weather here in texas is already reaching almost 100 degrees even at 9am, so sometimes walking to the park or doing anything just doesn’t sound appealing, especially since i’ve already gained ~40 pounds! i feel really heavy and breathless so sometimes just “escaping” to the backyard is enough. i’ll try to make it fun by bringing out a cup of crushed ice for him to chew on (he’s teething right now) or toys from inside for him to play with at his water table. we also have something similar to this splash pad and this hose attachment, which he loves playing with.

10:30-11:30 am:

we come home from our adventure or move the party inside to cool off & start to wind down before naptime at 11:30. we will both snack on something like watermelon, a bagel or goldfish and i’ll let him watch his favorite show “boss baby” on netflix while we cuddle on the couch. i try to get in the habit of having him help me pick up his toys before naptime too, which he’s gotten better at!

a very rare occasion that he fell asleep WITH me on the couch, best feeling ever!

12-2:30/3 pm:

naptime for both of us! kinda kidding/kinda not. i’m so worn out from entertaining a toddler & being sooo pregnant that i will quickly make lunch for me & dek (love having him home to eat with me!) and then i’ll watch a show while laying on the couch, do my nails, fix my hair or work on the computer before atlas wakes up. thank goodness he’s a good afternoon napper!

3:30 pm:

atlas’s lunch time! i will usually feed him what we had for lunch in a toddler version or heat up some chicken nuggets and fries. lately, since he’s teething he’s just wanting soft and cold stuff so sometimes it will just be yogurt with fruit (blueberries are his fav) and a pouch.

the doggies always get a few bites from his tray, ha!

he does this new thing where he clinches all his muscles and opens his mouth really wide when he gets really excited for food, it makes us LOL!

4-5 pm:

playtime! this boy is active, active, active & loves being outside! i will usually play with the dogs while atlas plays with his water toys or picks up sticks & after a while, i’ll bring out some iced tea, a fruit smoothie or a popsicle for us to snack on while he explores.

5:30 pm:

dad is off work and comes to hang out with us outside or if it’s not too hot, we will go on a family walk around the block or just chill in the backyard.

6:30 pm:

we try to put atlas to sleep around 7:30, so at this time i’ll start to get dinner ready and after we’ve all eaten he’ll get a bath or one of us will shower with him- he loves taking showers with us lately!

7:30 pm:

we will change him, put on a sleep diaper & read his favorite book right now which is little blue truck leads the way (but i just ordered this one!) in his room with dimmed lights & then it’s time for bed. we rock him to a few songs on his “bedtime playlist” in this comfy chair and then put him in his crib to sleep with his bunny, bear & paci. sometimes he cries for a few minutes when we walk out of the room but for the most part, he knows it’s time for bed, is tired & just lays there to sleep!

he loves sleeping with his booty sticking up!

hugging his bear, my heart melts!

thanks for reading!


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