baby aero 8 month update

baby aero is 8 months old on the 24th & time must be flying because the last time i posted an update he was only 3 months old! but when i look back at it it seems like yesterday…*cue all of the emotions* – he is seriously the happiest, most chill baby & he fills our lives with so much joy. i’d love to share some recent photos/videos & our “sort of” schedule if you’d like to see!

aero is now on more of a “schedule” even though we are soooo much more go-with-the-flow with him than we were with atlas. partly because we’ve been around the block and partly because he is just such a good baby.

6:15 am:

i wake up to get atlas up & ready for school while, at this time, dek is usually just getting home from the gym and starts to shower/get himself ready for the day. then he will get aero up around 6:45 and change him….and then we swap kids- haha! dek takes atlas to school by 7 & i’ll breastfeed aero and then get myself ready-ish so we can come back together at 7:15 to take our morning walk. we love to start our day with fresh air & connecting with each other.

8:00 am:

home from our walk & dek gets ready to “go to work” … meaning, walk to the home office/shed we have in our backyard (which is awesome!) and i hang out & play with aero in the living room until he starts getting tired around 9.

aero loooovvveessss playing with big brother’s toys while he’s not home. but after playing & romping around for an hour, it’s time for a bottle/breastfeeding and nap so momma can watch the price is right – haha! no, but seriously it’s my new favorite show.

i could kiss those little lips allllll dayyyy!

my little thumb-sucker

11:00 am:

aero will usually wake up from his morning nap around this time & i’ll love going to scoop him up. he sleeps in a big boy crib in his own room. we put these soft, mesh crib barriers all around his crib because he kept kicking his chunky legs through the slats & getting his knees stuck, it was so sad. but aero is always so smiley when he wakes up! dekel & i love that he smiles & kicks his legs even before he opens his eyes…he’s just THAT happy!

i’ll make lunch for while either wearing him or he will play on the living room floor. he doesn’t LOVE to be worn, but when i do wear him he always wants to hold my hand/arm *swoon*

we all eat lunch together before going to get atlas from school at 12:30. we will feed aero some mixed baby rice cereal with yogurt & cinnamon, mashed banana, avocado or another fruit puree. i’ve started giving him teething crackers, which he loves.

atlas goes down for a nap right when he gets home from school & since dek needs to go back to work, he will take aero into the office so i can put atlas for a nap. it usually only takes about 15 minutes because i read him a few books & we cuddle. i’m soooo thankful to have dekel working from home & able to help out like this sporadically throughout the day if needed. after my time with atlas, i’ll grab squish to sit outside if the weather is nice or we just play and pass the time until his next nap around 2 pm.

2:00 pm:

aero starts to get a little cranky & sleepy and you can tell because he just wants you to hold him, cuddle and suck his thumb. if i want to enjoy the moment i’ll nap with him but most days i put him down for a nap by giving him a bottle and then breastfeeding. it’s about 90% formula to 10% breastfeeding at this point but i’m still enjoying these moments & i think he is too so we’re rolling with it!

3-3:30 pm:

aero usually wakes up around 3 or so (sometimes until 4 which is nice because that’s when atlas wakes up too) so then they are both down for a chunk of time at the same time & this momma can rest and chill for a min!

now that my stinkers are both up, it’s snack time! i’ve just recently started giving aero strawberries, oranges, banana, avocado & yogurt melts (which he loves). after eating and playing around with our food, we just hang out until dek is off work at 5:30. we love chillin’ in the backyard or taking walks to the park, now that the weather is nice and warm!

6-6:30 pm:

to help aero wind down, dek will either shower & wash him or i’ll take him in his room and give him a bottle/breastfeed while we listen to a few songs we have on a bedtime playlist for him. he sleeps through the night & is truly an angel baby!

thanks for reading!


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