girls mystery trip 2021: austin, texas

my closest girlfriends & i go on a GMT, or a “Girls Mystery Trip” every year. we each take turns planning & no one in the group knows anything, including the destination, until the morning of when we do a t-shirt reveal! it’s on the same dates every year to make it easier for everyone and we each put in the same amount of money so the planner knows what they’re working with. all expenses are paid for like meals, groceries and gas so everyone can sit back and enjoy!

i planned the trip in 2019 and took us to fredericksburg (see more here) & last year we decided not to do it, because of COVID. this year, we all got vaccinated & felt comfortable being around each other, so we decided to go forward with it and were sooo excited for the day to come! it was my sister’s turn to plan & she took us to austin, texas! it’s a short 3-hour drive and we all made the most of having two full days together, being silly, doing dumb shit and making mems.

we kept calling the other car to bug them because we couldn’t all ride together, haha. probs of road-tripping with 9 girls!

our house was in north austin in a quiet, residential neighborhood. there was an HEB and CVS close by that we frequented for stuff like beer, snacks and sweets. we even made friends with the cashier, Manu!

the house was a perfect fit. it was spacious inside with four bedrooms, a downstairs office we used as a bedroom, a large living & a dining room that could seat us all where we ate meals and played games.

we LOVED the outdoor space with a pristine pool!

out vintage shopping

sister & i all dressed up for dinner

two days went by too quick!

car crew on the way home

until next year!


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