seattle girl’s trip

my mom, sister & i took a long weekend trip to seattle, washington back in april and it was so. much. fun! we love traveling together & exploring new places! none of us had ever been to seattle and the weather that time of year was just perfect for exploring by foot, which we mostly did. below is a photo dump from our 3 days walking around the whole city (or what it felt like- haha!). i would highly recommend the starbucks reserve & roastery as it was one of the highlights of our trip. our airbnb was in capitol hill, within walking distance, and we went every morning to get their mouth-watering pastries and delicious coffee beverages. we even all got matching shirts to commemorate our love for the place.

we took the link light rail straight from the airpoirt to a station a block away from our airbnb. it was so cheap and easy to use, plus we got to see a lot of the city this way – it was pretty cool!

we immediately put our bags up because we couldn’t check in yet and went exploring. we walked to a dispensary to get some goodies & then off to lunch at olmstead.

pre-rolls galore

the passionfruit froze slushie was TDF!

post-lunch pick-me-up from analog coffee

a bookstore with cats in it! this place was like one-second walk away from where we stayed so we pretty much stopped in daily to pet the kitties & on the last day i picked up some books for the boys here too!

heading out for dinner!


we found ourselves at tavolàta for dinner, spontaneously sat at the bar & split delicious pasta with lemon drop martinis

salt & straw for dessert, of course!

we woke up to a drizzly morning, but luckily we brought light rain jackets. it wasn’t cold, just drizzly and the weather turned beautiful as the day went on!

behind us was the airbnb we stayed in, we had the whole upstairs to ourselves – it was a 2 bedroom unit, the perfect size for us! & the location was PRIME!

starbucks reserve & roastery – such a cool place!

we walked our way through downtown & made it to pike place market! this was a place i had been wanting to visit and see for myself for so long, it was so surreal actually being there. we didn’t even see the whole market, it was huge! be we saw a lot, took in all the smells and sights and then went to find lunch by the water.

i thought “the gum wall” would be so cool to see in person but it was actually a whole gum alley! & i was honestly really grossed out standing there inches away from where people have chewed & then stuck their gum. it was weird. cool, but so weird.

the ORIGINAL starbucks! we didn’t go in since the line was outrageous and we were ready for lunch at that point but it was so cool to see it in person!

figuring out what we want for lunch…

we found a seafood restaurant by the water and enjoyed it so much that we didn’t even take a photo- haha!

antique shopping after lunch

next, we took an uber to queen anne neighborhood and i LOVED it there! it was a truly magical neighborhood. the houses, landscaping and views were stunning. what a beautiful place!

i seriously wanted to bust out a picnic blanket and lay in this pristine yard with some iced tea & a charcuterie board – it was such a picturesque scene (look at the water in the background!)

the hills were so steep though! this one def got us winded, lol!

iced coffee stop

got some more goodies from uncle ike’s before heading to dinner

we were pretty worn out from walking all day, but we found a delicious middle eastern place called yalla & grabbed some wraps to chow down on before calling it a night and crashing.

but, of course we had to get salt & straw before bed 🙂

last full day to explore the city! we walked to breakky @oddfellowscafe

i got the BLT with avocado – it was so good, omg!

we ubered to fremont street market after breakfast to walk around and treasure hunt! i didn’t take many photos of the market, but it was amazing! right up our alley. we love poking around and looking through vintage treasures, this was so much fun!

after the market we ate lunch nearby & then grabbed ice cream from the fainting goat and then headed home. we were literally exhausted from being on the go, go, go so we ordered pizza and salad to be delivered to us and soaked our feet in hot water in the bathtub (HA!)

last morning before heading to the airport. it was really drizzly this time, so we even wore shoe covers to keep our shoes/feet dry.


perfect weather to sit by the fire at the starbucks reserve & roastery to eat those amazing chocolate stuffed croissants and sip our yummy lattes

i mean…..

we even got to learn a little bit about to roasting process from the roaster himself, it was so cool!

we got matching shirts (of course!) and then headed to the airport

until next time, seattle!


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